History of Qwan Ki Do Development in the country

Qwan Ki Do UK has been established in Dec 2007 by Vo Su Irina Adam, when she represented England at the World Championship in Bucharest, 2007 but the first club of Qwan Ki Do in England was opened in May 2009 under the instruction of Vo Su Irina.

Technical Director of Qwan Ki Do United Kingdom

Vo SU Irina Adam – Black Belt 4 Dang

Vo Su Irina Adam started practicing Qwan Ki Do in May 1991. She is currently 4th Dang Black Belt.

Activity in the country

In UK there are 109 practitioners and 10 registered Black Belts in three active organizations.

Previous results in competitions

2007- World championship, Romania, 1 bronze medal

2011 – World Championship, Morocco, 2 bronze medals

2013 – European Championship, Switzerland, 1 silver and 1 bronze medals

2015 – World Championship, Belgium, 1 bronze medal

2018 – European Championship, Spain, 1 silver medal