History of Qwan Ki Do Development in the country

Starting with 1981, once that Qwan Ki Do was born, Romania received membership in the fist worldwide organization.

In the next 10 years the trainings were done outdoor, on a sports field next belonging to the Iasi Technical University.

As a curiosity, even though in that period of time Martial Arts were forbidden in Romania, our first international participation to official international tournaments and our first medals were obtained by Gouandjika Fidele in 1982 and 1983.

Today we have a strong organization that represents proudly Romania at each international event

Technical Director of Qwan Ki Do Romania

Giam Su Ovidiu Covaci – Black Belt 7 Dang

Started to train in Martial Arts in 1973 in the only accepted method at that time, judo.

In 1980 started to train in Viet Vo Dao under the guidance of Master Gouandjika Fidele and continued in 1981 with Qwan Ki Do method.

In 1984 successfully passed the Black Belt 1 Dang degree and it was appointed as Technical Director and responsible for the development of Qwan Ki Do in Romania.

Today Giam Su Ovidiu has Black Belt 7 Dang and he is the General Secretary of the International Qwan Ki Do Federation, The President of the Technical Referees Committee and The President of Technical Harmonization Committee.

Activity in the country

Today we have in Romania 45 clubs, around 65 active Qwan Ki Do Instructors and over 1505 official registered members.

In the past 40 years, more than 26000 persons were trained by our instructors crossing their path with the Qwan Ki Do method.

Previous results in competitions

The results for Romanian National Qwan Ki Do team are quite impressive: three times first place on nations, 7 times second place on nations, 5 times third place on nations. Until now we have obtained 40 gold medals, 43 silver medals and 48 bronze medals.