History of Qwan Ki Do Development in the country

Norvegian Qwan Ki Do Federation was founded in 1998 by Vo Su David Lamingnan Larsen.

Technical Director of Qwan Ki Do Brazil

Vo Su David Lamignan Larsen – Black Belt 4th Dang

David Lamignan Larsen started Qwan Ki Do in 1995 at the age of 14 after being robbed while living in Gabon, West Africa.

He then decided that he wanted to start martial arts in order to defend himself. He didn’t want to start some mainstream martial arts and after doing some research, he came over Qwan Ki Do. After his first training, he fell in love, and have been training ever since.

At the age of 16, David moved back to Norway an at the age of 17 he opened his first club with the Grandmasters blessing. 

Activity in the country

Qwan Ki Do exists in 3 different cities in Norway. The clubs are situated in Sandnes and Stavanger (south/west of Norway) and in Trondheim (middle of Norway), a black belt moved to Kabelvåg (north of norway) and is planning to open a new club there. 

Qwan Ki Do Norway are close to 80 members where 5 are black belts. 

Qwan Ki Do Norway has been in the local news, some big magazines and newspapers and had a demo for the governor of Sandnes. 

The Norwegian federation has also been lucky and had the honor of inviting the founder, Thay Chuong Mon Pham Xuan Tong on several occasions where he held seminars with the Norwegian practitioners.