History of Qwan Ki Do Development in the country

         In 1994, after graduation of university, Mr. Eduard Bulat returned to the Republic of Moldova where he founded the first Qwan Ki Do club from this country. In 1999 Mr. Eduard Bulat jointly with Serghei Popa and other followers created the Association of Qwan Ki Do and of Vietnamese martial arts practitioners from the Republic of Moldova.

Technical Director of Qwan Ki Do Moldova

Tao Su Edurd Bulat – Black Belt 5 Dang

Mr. Eduard Bulat is designated by the IQKDF as the Official Technical Delegate in the Republic of Moldova. Currently, Tao SU Eduard Bulat holds de Qwan Ki Do 5th Dang grade. Mr. Eduard Bulat started to practice Qwan Ki Do in 1990, in the framework of Qwan Ki Do organization in Romania, being concomitantly a student at the Faculty of Law from Iasi University, Romania.

Activity in the country

    Currently, on the territory of the Republic of Moldova there are two Qwan Ki Do clubs. They are located in the following localities: Chisinau (capital of the country) and Criuleni .

Previous results in competitions

Qwan Ki Do practitioners from the Republic of Moldova participated at the competitions organised at the European and world level, achieving the following rankings:

2009 European Qwan Ki Do Championship, Vienna, Austria – 3 bronze medals;

2013 European Qwan Ki Do Championship Switzerland – 4 bronze medals;

2015 Qwan Ki Do Belgium World Championship – 10 silver medals, 4 bronze medals;

2018 European Qwan Ki Do Championship Spain – 2 bronze medals.