History of Qwan Ki Do Development in the country

Italy is one of the first countries together with France to have welcomed the Kung Fu method created by Master PHAM Xuan Tong.
In Italy the development of Qwan Ki Do has been constant with a widespread presence of instructors in the area, especially in the north.
Italy boasts a glorious history in competitions that has been built starting from combat in the decade from 1994 (the year in which Italy organized the first world championship in Milan) to 2004 thanks to practitioners of great technical quality and determination, who have been able to seize a world championship, a European and several second and third places in the black belt category (Davide Migliore, Davide Tancini, Andrea Piazzolla, Franco Oriot, Antonio Varratta, Angelo Taormina …)
In the last decade, however, Italy’s successes have been concentrated above all in the Technique thanks to quyen specialists who have guaranteed world and European titles in the black belts, senior and Co Vo Dao categories (Daniele Monico, Luca De Toffol, Elisa Frasani …)
In 2020 the Italian organization decided to abandon the Founding Master by betraying the School, the fundamental principles and teachings of Qwan Ki Do.
All the senior ranks have signed up to leave the IQKDF.
However, Master PHAM Xuan Tong has created a new organization that in the first year managed to give itself a structure and a calendar of appointments such as to involve all practitioners loyal to the Master whose culmination of the activities was the summer internship in Misano where 130 practitioners they celebrated the presence in Italy of the Master Founder showing him affection, gratitude and fidelity.

Technical Director of Qwan Ki Do Italy

Tao Su Davide Migliore – Black Belt 5 Dang.

Davide Migliore began practicing Qwan Ki Do in Milan at the age of 12 at the Dojo Ko Sen gym where he immediately found those healthy values ​​that represent the true richness of Martial Arts: precious habits, respect for the Master, companions and the place of training, the disinterested friendship and the cohesion of a group that would become a second family.
He soon began to establish himself in national and international combat competitions (European Juniores Championship, Toulon 1991) and in 1992 he was selected in the Italian national combat team.

In 1994, although very young and newly promoted to the Black Belt, he had the honor of representing Italy at the World Fighting Championship where he won all the matches, contributing to the second final place of Italy which, after having imposed itself on Gabon, Switzerland, Romania and Morocco faced France in the final, losing by half a point.

In 1995 he obtained the degree of 1st Dang and began to gain his first experiences in teaching taking charge of the Clubs of Borgo Lombardo (Milan) and Poasco (Milan).

On 5 June 1999 he obtained the degree of Black Belt 2 Dang and created his own Club in Milan.

On April 8, 2000, on the occasion of the European Combat Championships, he was again the protagonist with the national team on the “competition square”, becoming European champion.

In the following years he devoted himself to teaching at his Club in Milan, remaining in the group that in 2003 will give Italy the World Championship in black belts.

In 2004 he obtained the rank of 3rd Dang and decided to leave competitions to devote himself to teaching.

In 2014, on the recommendation of the National Technical Direction, he prepares the national junior selection for combat in view of the European championship in Verona.

Once again called to compete he takes first place at the Italian fighting championships and second place at the national technical championships (Verona).

In 2015 he founded the Soffio del Drago Club.

In 2020 he received the 5 Dang black belt degree directly from PHAM Founding Master Xuan Tong and was appointed National Technical Director.

Activity in the country

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