History of Qwan Ki Do Development in the country

Qwan Ki Do saw its development in France from the arrival of Thay Chuong Môn in 1968. First of all, he began by living in the international university city in Paris where he met those who would also make the heyday of martial arts in France.

Thay Chuong Môn then went to Provence where part of his family lived. He opened his first club in 1971 in La Seyne sur Mer then Toulon. At the same time, he founded the bases of national and international Qwan Ki Do.

First within the National Association of Kung Fu Kempo then he became Technical Director of the French Federation of Viet Vo Dao as well as of the International Federation.

His skills, charisma and commitment to teaching meant that many students were quick to follow him and in turn opened clubs.

Mainly in the south of France at first, then very quickly Paris and Orléans and finally throughout the country.
With the support of his clubs in France and abroad, in 1981 he created the French federation of Qwan Ki Do which in 1995 became the French Union of Traditional Associations of Qwan Ki Do

Technical Director of Qwan Ki Do France

Giam Su Olivier Massoutier – Black Belt 7 Dang.

Olivier Massoutier, 57 years old, Technical Director France, Black Belt 7th Dang QKD , 2nd degree Dan Black Belt in Karate and related disciplines, and certified Fitness Trainer.
He begins Qwan Ki Do in 1978 in Antony in the Parisian suburbs. His 1st internship with Thay Chuong Môn Pham Xuan Tong was in 1979, and he obtained CN 1st Dang in 1983.
He was appointed Technical Manager for Paris – Ile de France by Thay Chuong Môn Pham Xuan Tong in 1988 and Technical Director of French Qwan Ki Do in 1995.
He is former international referee, former competitor (vice-champion of France assault CN, in 1985 and 1986 – Winner of the European Club Cup 1991 assault CN), university educated, he is a trainer in biological sciences of sport.
To date, has trained nearly a hundred black belts and created numerous clubs.
Currently teaches in 3 clubs, Paris, Antony (92) and Montigny le Bretonneux (78) and leads numerous courses in France and sometimes abroad.

Activity in the country

The French Qwan Ki Do brings together about sixty clubs and many black belts.