History of Qwan Ki Do Development in the country

Qwan Ki Do was introduced in Odense, Denmark in 2016 by Huan Su Carmen Elena Lazar, a Romanian 2dn Dang Black Belt.

Technical Director of Qwan Ki Do Denmark

Huan Su Carmen Elena Lazar – Black Belt 2 Dang.

Activity in the country

Currently the main club is Long Ho has 35 students, 8 adults and juniors, the rest are kids, and for the moment the are two black belts practitioners. The activity takes place in Odense Sportscentrum in Odense, Fyn, which is the biggest Nordic martial arts center in Scandinavia.

Previous results in competitions

Huan Su Carmen Elena Lazar won:

  • 2 Bronze medals at the 2013 European Championship
  • 2 Bronze medals at the 2015 European Championship
  • 1 Silver medal at the 2018 European Championship

Student winnings:
3 Gold, 2 silver, 5 bronze, at the 2019 International Competition in Belgium.
1 Bronze medal at the 2019 Kids & Junior European Championship.