History of Qwan Ki Do Development in the country

Qwan Ki Do was introduced in China in 2019 first as self-defense course and then as Qwan Ki Do method, by Huan Su Duiu Onofrei.

Technical Director of Qwan Ki Do China

Huan Su Duiu Onofrei – Black Belt 1st Dang

Huan Su Duiu Onofrei started practicing Qwan Ki Do in 1989, in Botosani, at the Ho Trao club led by Vo Su Victor Gavril. After 5 years of practice, for personal reasons he paused his training and will resume it after about 20 years, at the Ho Hac club in Bucharest led by Vo Su Marius Rusu. Since 2019 he had settled in China where he promotes and develops the Qwan Ki Do method.

Activity in the country

The number of practitioners varied significantly throughout this pandemic period. Currently the organization has number of 12 adult practitioners and 6 children grouped in one club HO HAC TRAO.