Under the direct supervising of Huan Su Duiu Onofrei, the Qwan Ki Do national team of China started the preparation for the Qwan ki Do World Championship – edition 2021.

The team will represent China in Tao Quyen competion for following categories:

  • 2-4 CAP Women individual Tao Quyen category
    • 郭淑芬 Guo Shufen ( Gigi )     
    • 叶奕璇 Ye Yixuan ( Frida ) will present Quan Kỳ Hai

  • 2-4 CAP Women Synchronous Team Tao Quyen category
    •  叶奕璇 Ye Yixuan ( Frida )   ,   郭淑芬 Guo Shufen ( Gigi )   , 施雯 Shi Wen ( Simone ) with 赖子欣 Zixin Lai ( Zara ) as reserve

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